But, we are always open to getting resumes of wonderful people since we are constantly growing!

About Us

We are a kick-ass “advice-only” financial planning firm in Toronto. We offer awesome, accessible and affordable financial planning advice and advocate for financial literacy through speaking engagements, workshops and online courses. We make finances rad.

In our practice, we offer unbiased cash management, portfolio assessment, tax planning, retirement planning and small business advice to professionals, families, retirees and entrepreneurs.

We do not sell any financial products at all. Period, full stop. We are 100% unbiased and proud of it.

Work Environment

We operate out of Workplace One at Queen St West and Bathurst in downtown Toronto. Suits are not required nor expected. We have an inclusive, safe and fun culture and we are a tight team. Our office is family friendly (legit, our Founder and CEO has the cutest baby ever) and we are all keen to have a work-life balance (except during tax time when we are all running around like wild.)

How to send your resume?

Please send an email with to booking@newschooloffinance.com with:

  1. SUBJECT: “RESUME – (your name)”
  2. Please put your cover letter in the body of the email
  3. Please attach your resume to the email

Please note that while we are so appreciative of everyone’s application, only candidates who are requested for interviews will be contacted.