Financial Planning/Coaching

Get your financial butt in gear in your personal life!

Whether it’s your first time, your plans have changed or you just want to ensure you’re still on track – sitting down once a year is a great idea to stay confident about your money and make sure that you’re going to reach those goals! Let’s map this shiz out so you can win at life.

We can cover any/all topics below in your sessions and check ins! We can also do combo sessions (like a household financial planning session/investment education session)

Fees outlined below.

Goal setting

  • Prioritizing goals
  • Setting realistic time horizons and feasibility

Cash Flow Management

  • Creating a budget that works for you
  • Systematic banking (which is worth its weight in gold)


  • School/Tuition
  • Debt Repayment Planning
  • Long-Term Savings
  • Which accounts and why

Home Ownership

  • Down payment planning
  • Can you actually afford to buy

Babyproofing Your Finances

  • Planning/Saving for children and daycare
  • Education savings for your children
  • Tax benefits to take advantage of

Individual Financial Session:
$325 – $525 + GST/HST

Household/Family Session:
$425 – $625 + GST/HST

OPTION: Customized notes from meeting: $155 – $295 + HST depending on the type of meeting and complexity.

Ad-hoc financial advice – For existing clients only

Sometimes, you may not need a full session. We get that! If you’re an existing client, you can book a telephone chat with us in between your meetings so you don’t have to schedule a full session. For this, we charge in 15 minute increments for any prep and chat time and it’s $65 +HST!

Examples of when this is super useful:

1. I just changed jobs and need to get advice on what to do with my pension

2. We just moved and need you to look at our numbers again to make sure things are on track with our budget

3. Need to pick your brain about_________________

4. It’s RRSP season, should I take advantage?

About our Prices

Ranges exist because often there are more complex financial circumstances that require more number crunching. For example, if you’re self employed! Once you book, we will assess your needs and circumstances and provide you with a hard quote before you come in.

Additionally, if you book one of our COMBO sessions (i.e. personal financial session/investor consult) you will have a discounted fee that is made up of a combination of the two sessions.

You will ALWAYS know exactly what you will be paying before hand. We are 100% transparent.