Retirement Planning

How much do you need for retirement? Find out.

This is a MEGA HUGE topic. No matter what your age, you need to figure out how much you need to be saving for retirement and map out the steps to get there. In retirement planning meetings, we will run scenarios to map out your expected cash flow in retirement and work backwards to come up with an overall strategic plan to get you there that will look at your insurance, investments, pensions and savings.

Fees outlined below.

Retirement Planning Session:

  • Do you/will you have enough to retire on?
  • What do you need for retirement?
  • What will the government provide?
  • How to maximize retirement income?
  • How do taxes affect your retirement plans?

Retirees Planning Session

  • Should you be taking money from RRSPs before you need to RRIF?
  • What should your rate of withdrawal be between your accounts to ensure it lasts
  • Confirm your required rate of return on your investments to make the plan rock solid

Individual starting at $950 + HST
Couples starting at $1150 + HST
Notes starting at $195 + HST

About our Prices

Ranges exist because often there are more complex financial circumstances that require more number crunching. For example, if you’re self employed! Once you book, we will assess your needs and circumstances and provide you with a hard quote before you come in.

Additionally, if you book one of our COMBO sessions (i.e. personal financial session/investor consult) you will have a discounted fee that is made up of a combination of the two sessions.

You will ALWAYS know exactly what you will be paying before hand. We are 100% transparent.