Working with New School has been a game changer. As my business became profitable, I wanted to ensure that I was being wise with my finances for both my business and my personal life and they were able to provide a holistic perspective that helped me put effective plans in place, and offer suggestions on how and where I could invest that kept me inline with my values. Shannon functions as an advisor, a coach and a money therapist. She made me feel incredibly empowered and as she is not affiliated with any old, stuffy institutions, wasn’t making commissions off the advice she was giving and is also a business owner herself and understand the uncertainties that can go along with that, I trust her guidance 150 percent.  I recommend New School to everyone- my team, my students- everyone! What they have shared with me is information I wish I’d known fifteen years ago when I got my first paycheck. Their services are invaluable, and her guidance has greatly reduced my stress around money and given me a solid action plan to help my husband and I set and achieve our goals for today,five years from now and one hundred years from now.

Meghan Telpner, Nutritionist & Director, Academy of Culinary Nutrition

“When I started my law practice, New School was an invaluable part of the process. As someone without a finance or accounting background I found diving into the realm of bookkeeping a bit daunting. They completely alleviated my concerns and tailored our entire meeting to my business needs – no time was wasted on irrelevant issues. Spending the money to sit down with someone was one of the best investments I’ve made in my firm to date. To top it off, everyone there is a real pleasure to work with. I’d recommend their services to anyone operating their own business or with questions about how to manage their personal financial affairs.”

Sarah Hooper, Legal Counsel, Charles Hooper Law

“Working with New School was a complete game changer. After one session, for the first time EVER I had real clarity on how to run my finances. Their amazing advice, expertise and ability to break things down so I could understand was invaluable. Even more amazing, Shannon helped me through a salary negotiation process where I earned $5,000 more than what I thought the top range would be. I’m so grateful to have the chance to work with New School and booked to work with them for tax preparation on the spot!”

Gwen Elliot, Mediapreneur

Shannon Lee Simmons is the only financial advisor I’ve ever worked with who makes me feel competent enough to handle my finances. She avoids jargon and explains her processes in full, because she actually wants you to leave the session with a better understanding of how you can manage your finances, do your taxes, or plan for your future YOURSELF. In other words she teaches you how to fish, instead of offering you one fish at a time, each at a higher price. Shannon uses plain language, metaphors, sketches on a pad of paper – whatever will help you connect the dots and make sense of your money. I would recommend her to anyone who always feels overwhelmed at the thought of dealing with finances, because trust me, she’ll make it all seem easy by the end of your session.

Stephanie Guthrie, Community Manager
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