7 teammates. 6 months. 5 courses. 4 epic meltdowns. 3 moved launch dates. 2 incidents of deleted files. 1 Stomach Flu.

It’s official, Canada’s First Personal Finance School is here. WE DID IT!

Please come have a look and see.


This school is meant to help Canadians get good at the money stuff. Learning about money doesn’t have to suck. The courses we’ve got posted now are just the beginning. So much more to come!

They don’t teach this sh*t in school….. WE GOT YOU.

And now… time for some gratitude to everyone behind the scenes of this cyber baby.

I could not have done this without my Dreamy A-TEAM

So much gratitude for all of you wonderful people. Thank you, thank you THANK YOU for helping get this mastodon idea out of my head and into the world in such a beautiful way.

Marie Poulin – Our Digital Strategy/Branding/Web Dev Guru
Shannon Litt –  Our Videographer of the century
Tiffany Pratt – Our Designer/Art Director/Stylist Godesss
Rostyslav Rulov – Our Jr Digital Strategist/Social Media/SEO Hero
Nikki Jumper – Our Photographer extraordinaire
Colin Smith – My set builder/carpenter woodworking unicorn.
Colleen Auriemma – My ultimate teammate who helped keep me sane through all of this and basically ran my business so I could do ALL THE THINGS. Anyone who has worked with us knows Colleen and knows what I speak of when I say she is SIMPLY THE BEST

Team… I love you all so much. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Unofficial teammates – I love you.

My Bare All Girls – Ashley McEachern & Jordana Halpert – Thank you for being the reason this whole thing started in the first place and coaching me through countless meltdowns and brainstorms. You girls are my entrepreneurial soul-mates.

My proof readers, trial & error, unofficial UX researcher team – Laura Shaw, Kathryn Meisner, Karissa Cwierdzinski – Thank you for letting me endlessly pick your brains and take up your personal time with my own stuff and never being anything but positive about it. SO SO grateful for friends like you.

My family and Matt. Guys….I can’t even. Thank you for being so supportive and  dealing with all the ups and downs that have come with this. I love you so so so much. I promise… I’ll return to some sort of normalcy. Thank you for believing in this as much as I do.

Phew!!! Ok.. enough gushy stuff. Let’s Do the damn thing!!

It’s time to CELEBRATE